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Piano PetRo Duo

Anastasia Rogaleva & Dmitrii Petrov

GRAND - PRIZE of The XXth International Piano Duos Competition

in TOKIO, JAPAN, more detailed

"PetRo Duo" the winner of the GRAND Prix Prize and audience award XX International piano Duo competition Tokyo, Japan


"PetRo Duo" award Winner STEINWAY & SONS

"For the development of a culture of STEINWAY"


"PetRo Duo" became the Winner (I prize) of all-Russian competition of piano duets in the name of A. G. Bahcheev. The Duo was awarded a special prize from the Accademia Pianistica Siciliana "For the best performance of works by foreign composer" and the award of the Radio of Russia "For loyalty to the traditions of piano-duet music-making"

Member of the All Russian association "Piano duets" (Russia, Moscow)

Piano duet became the winner of International musical competition “Konzerteum” Greece (in the category piano ensemble).


Лауреаты Международных и Всероссийского конкурса (2015) Фортепианный "ПетРо Дуэт" Санкт-Петербург Анастасия Рогалёва - Дмитрий Петров


PetRo Duo 

Anastasia Rogaleva & Dmitrii Petrov


"For the development of a culture of Steinway"

Фортепианный ПетРо Дуэт удостоен чести стать обладателем премии STEINWAY & SONS!!!! За развитие культуры Steinway


...In the current contest in the main nomination won duet of the St. Petersburg school, which was represented by "PetRo Duo" - Anastasia Rogaleva & Dmitrii Petrov (First prize, Saint-Petersburg). This Duo is not just a successor of the traditions of performing in ensembles, coming primarily from Lyubov Bruk and Mark Taimanov, the ensemble is in the highest sense....


"Play from the beginning. Da capo al fine"


Ludmila Osipova:

Today in our program is an absolute exclusive, the radio presentation. In October 2015 guests "Radio of Russia" were great musicians, piano parties "PetRo Duo" – Anastasia Rogaleva & Dmitrii Petrov, St. Petersburg musicians...


October 2015

Alexander Georgiyevich Bakhchiev and Elena Sorokina opened our showroom in 1992. With their musical blessings piano duets have become the hallmark of "ARS". October 14 open season "PetRo Duo", and a quarter of days earlier - 10 Oct - Anastasia Rogaleva & Dmitrii Petrov ("PetRo Duo") will perform in the Small hall of Conservatory the concert of memory of Alexander Georgiyevich

...The main characters of the VIII-th All-Russian open competition of piano duets "For piano alone" named after Alexander Bahchiev steel Anastasia Rogaleva and Dmitrii Petrov, who won in the category "Concert artists"...


"Musical Europe"

Radio Russia 2016

...Decoration of the concert was the duet of Anastasiya Rogaleva & Dmitrii Petrov, in particular, the penetration of the carcass which in a Lullaby Tchaikovsky made a magical impression, and done a masterful duet arranged by I. Rogalev Rachmaninoff piano version highlighted the potential of orchestral texture, Recalling the best examples of Balakirev's treatment...


St. Petersburg musical Herald, April


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