International Festival Musical Autumn - 2016 (Moscow)

Rogaleva & Petrov performed the premiere of the Concerto for two pianos and D. Gedin's orchestra, specially written for them a "notebook of marches and dances of the memory of V. Gavrilin", a double concert by I. Rogalev, as well as duet versions of F. Poulenc's "Masquerade", fantasy "The Polovtsian Dances" by Borodin, "The Lullaby" by Tchaikovsky, "The Procession of Princes" from the opera "Mlada" by Rimsky-Korsakov, "Scheherazade" and "Pauses of the Deceased Infante" by Ravel, three fragments from the ballet "The Bright Stream" by Shostakovich, the choir "Street worried "A. Davydenko and others.
A. Rogalova and D. Petrov are laureates of numerous international competitions - both solo and duet (Greece, Great Britain, Japan, Russia). but they consider the most expensive of all their victories to be the First place won at the All-Russian open competition of piano duets "For a piano together" them. A.G. Bakhchieva (Vologda, 2015). the duet was also awarded with special diplomas "For fidelity to the traditions of piano-duet music-making" ("Radio of Russia") and "For the best performance of the work of a foreign composer".
In 2015, Petro Duet was invited to Moscow on Radio Rossiya to record unpublished manuscripts of ancient composers in 3rd and 4th hands. studio work was crowned with several world stage and radio premiers.

Russian Croatia

Internet portal "Russian Croatia" was a pleasure, delight, happiness!

Thank you a million times for such a wonderful evening. We plunged into the magic of music in the hands of amazing musicians from St. Petersburg...

Music Bulletin 2015

...Decoration of the concert was the duet of Anastasiya rogaleva — Dmitry Petrov, a special, heartfelt carcass which in a Lullaby Tchaikovsky made a magical impression, and done a masterful duet arranged by I. Rogalev Rachmaninoff piano version highlighted the potential of orchestral texture, Recalling the best examples of Balakirev treatments. In the second work of its program performers showed an absolute hit in the image — was the "Polovtsian dances" by Borodin, also in the treatment of rogaleva. Game tones, color saturation, texture, East vainest in tandem with Russian songs — performers were able to show maximum contrast of expressive means in rhythmic perfection. The audience literally "flew on the wings of the wind". 

After incessant applause followed by: "Moscow nights", arranged with taste and memorable for its velvet harmonization, was enthusiastically accepted by the audience....

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